Planet EARTH!!

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You may or may not like what I am saying here, but it is the truth as I see it!!

We are now suffering the most significant coastal erosion the world has ever known, yet we continue to ignore it.
We often discuss global warming and pollution, but people need to talk about the use of our oceans.
Why don’t we look at the whole scenario from outside the box?
For instance, placing a 100-tonne oil tanker into our oceans displaces an equal weight in water, which is pretty horrific.
Imagine how many oil tankers, cargo carriers, cruise liners, submarines, battleships, aircraft carriers, etc., are in our oceans.
The numbers run into billions, and the water displaced runs into many trillions of tonnes.
Imagine removing all the vessels from our oceans and making sea levels drop by 100 metres, about 164 feet worldwide.
That is a rough estimate, which could likely be double that estimate.
That would significantly change weather patterns, meaning deserts now get more rainfall because they would probably be at least another 150 feet above sea level.
The world’s mountains would be 150 feet higher and more prone to freezing up, and our polar ice caps would be 150 feet further above sea levels, making them colder also.
Coastal erosion would be miles from our mainland, and islands would be much more significant.
Even our polar ice caps would begin to reform, and global warming would be a thing of the past.
It is not just vessels we try to float on the water. The countries building out to sea and various other platforms built out at sea are adding to the rise in sea levels and pushing warm water towards polar ice caps and melting them away.
I may be oversimplifying the answer to a massive problem, but it is certainly food for thought.
Like all other options for resolving the problems we now face, it would take considerable connectivity between all nations on Earth to fix the problem of our complete extinction from Earth. I am not alone when I say this will never happen.
Changing our energy usage or growing more trees alone will not stop global warming, so we need to find another planet to live on, which is the truth.

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