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We are moving to a new base online soon to help serve more information about wildlife and our natural world as well as network marketing and advertising strategies.

We set a goal for to share only using social media networks and no emailing, and we feel that we have surpassed all expectations from January 2023 to June 2023. We are expecting to hit 350000 visitors in that period and we conclude that this initial strategy has worked and served its purpose.

While this has been going on, we have been putting together a new website to give other the ability to advertise on our pages initially totally free and later, we will introduce some plans to help us pay for our online software and deployment and enable us to create more pages for environmental and wildlife information.

The main blog site will be found at: and if you want to register early for some totally free advertising then we have created a QR code that you can use to get to and bookmark our site by simply scanning the code below with your smart devices:

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