My book is about to be published

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I have written a book and is currently with my publishers and being proof read and being made ready for publication to the general public world wide.

The book is about a fictional fox called Reynard and his bid for survival in the British countryside against all odds but also I talk a lot about our British history and the damage we as humans are doing to all of our wildlife habitat and all wildlife within it.

I initially aimed my book at 8 to 12 year old children to help them realise what we have been doing to our natural world, But I have been informed that many adults would like to read it also.

If this is of interest to you and would like to be informed when it goes on sale than please feel free to subscribe by filling out the form below.

Just to let you know I am having my book published in Hard back, Paper back and Kindle format

If you signup for updates and notification of my book using the form below please be aware that I will send a confirmation link to your email address and you will need to click on that link to be included.

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One thing I added last week are back links to my website and as of the 26th February I am approaching 10000 hits per week and growing nicely.

If yu want back links on your word press blog then I highly recommend the FREE back link builder by Martins, you can simply download it and then upload it to your plugins by going to plugins/adnew/upload new/ then choose the file on your pc and then install and activate and it will do all the rest for you.

If you have any other good idea’s I would love to hear about them so simply give me your pointers in the form below:

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