Life is a journey and not a race

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Nigel J Pearcey
Life is not a race, but a journey, to know how to appreciate the scenery of each section. Keep pursuing the destination you originally wanted to reach just because of one failure. 
The most beautiful thing is the moment of success and the process of struggling hard, which can happen many times during your lifetime
Insufficient talent means more planning is needed. 
Incomplete knowledge is too much to ponder.
 Insufficient authority is too much anger, if that is what you presume.
 Faith in what you do is paramount to success.
 Insufficient courage is more work on beefing up your energy and resilience. 
Insufficient clarity is more inspection and learning. 
Flawed reasoning is too much argument, so be more mindful before reasoning a decision. 
Insufficient emotion is more ritual. Therefore, the most significant suffering of people is the mismatch between their cognition and their desire; they only focus on what they want every day but never think of changing themselves. Only when you change yourself will everything change?

When you encounter a career bottleneck or mid-life crisis, what to do? Everyone! ---- people in the workplace, the wind and clouds change. There is no permanent iron rice bowl, only permanent competitiveness. Only if you maintain a sense of crisis, continuous refinement, and constantly look for the second growth curve of your career can you stay young and energetic on the road of life and become a winner in life.

Choose a platform well.
Do your best
By the end of the year, you can also achieve the goal at the beginning of the year.
Cherish every opportunity that comes your way!
Starting a business is hard but, at the same time, very rewarding both mentally and financially.

Mediocrity or excellence often stems from our own choices. 
If we want to be comfortable and at ease, we will always have many reasons to convince ourselves to settle for the status quo; if we want to be better, we will come up with many causes. 
What matters is whether you are willing to make a change. 
There are several ways to resolve temporary difficulties.
In this life, countless beauties are waiting to meet us, do not let the temporary gloom block the vision. 
People who have light inside can always live a bright and shining life. Use a colourful life to feel the beauty of life!
Remember that your drinking glass is always half full and never half empty by preparing for more to be added while drinking in the first half, thus ensuring continuation.





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