How to network correctly

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Are you into Network or Affiliate marketing?

I guess that most of you will be familiar with both terms and will know how they work but here goes for the few that do not:

A summary in brief:

Network marketing is usually based upon a matrix of different plans i.e., 2×4 or 4×6 etc and involve people going down many levels to infinity and you get to choose where you place your dirext signups either left or right leg, this can afford you a reasonable income for longer periods if you work hard on it.

Affiliate marketing in most cases has mainly three levels so you refer someone and you get paid and they refer someone and you get another smaller payment and likewise for the third level and you will also pickup payment from the first and second level referrals, you can also get continuous payments if the platform is a subscription-based programs or in other words if your referrals are paying a monthly subscription for a product or service.

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